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Uncompromising standards

Expert translation staff and a strict checking system ensure the quality of our translations.

The quality of a translation depends on the translator’s ability and on the checking system.
When the quality of translations differs from order to order, even though they are done by the same translation company, it might be that the translators to whom the translation company outsources the work have differing levels of ability and that the company has an insufficient checking system or neglects checking their work. Without a strict checking and feedback system, high-quality translation cannot be achieved.
We hold to our uncompromising standards. This is the reason for the high evaluation we receive, and for our high rate of repeat customers.

Checking System

Our Checking System

The first translator translates the manuscript, and the second checks it for mistranslation, omissions and accuracy of terminology.
After the final check by a mother-tongue checker, the translators discuss and examine the manuscript before revising it into its final, flawless form.

Flow of translation and checking

(From Japanese to English.)

Translation, Editing and Localization of Instruction Manuals

We provide coherent, user-friendly manuals with a solid format for easy search and understanding.
You can have your catalogues and manuals localized at a reasonable cost.

Database of terms/Simple and proper expressions / Well-established formation

Translated Works


We dispatch the most appropriate interpreter for the job, in accordance with your requirements.

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